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Posted on Mar 2nd, 2022

*UPDATE 4/20/2022*
Irrigation water is now available for resident use. 
IMPORTANT:  Once you have started your system, be sure you are checking and cleaning your individual sprinkler filters regularly, to clear debris that accumulates within the system lines over the winter months.  Please check your filters before reporting issues with irrigation pressure.
This season is expected to be shorter due to continued drought conditions and limited precipitation.  It will be very important that each of us does all we can to conserve water individually, to extend the season as far as possible.  READ HERE - for many different periodicals regarding water conservation.
The irrigation ditch companies have not released water into the canals as yet due to water shortage and drought predictions. This has caused for a delayed start up for irrigation water this season. Once water is released, the WA will fully open access for resident use. 
Let's all take a moment to thank Mother Nature for the rain! :)
**UPDATE 3/31/2022**
We have been receiving reports from various irrigation districts and the Boise river water master that water delivery will be delayed for most users this season. There is still a drought occurring and basin fill levels are below what they were last season at this time. It is very likely water turn on will not be available until around April 15 for residents. We will provide updates as available on the website. You may need to pull out an old-fashioned hose for city water use should you feel your plantings need water in the interim.
PLEASE DO NOT TURN ON YOUR WATER UNTIL NOTIFIED TO MAINTAIN NECESSARY POND LEVELS. --> You will see water running periodically in the common areas for testing of the system to try and eliminate potential for further delays once water is made available for community wide use.
**Be sure you check that your main line connection valve is not open. This could release water into your yard during system testing when they are filling the lines.
Irrigation is managed by the Lakemoor Water Association.  Water rights do not allow for access until sometime after April 1.  Water will likely be available no later than April 15.  PLEASE DO NOT TURN ON YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM UNTIL NOTIFICATION IS POSTED ON THE WEBSITE THAT WATER IS AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS. (*Townhome residents irrigation maintained by the townhome landscaper – we ask townhome residents please do not adjust those systems.)
Once the HOA has posted that irrigation water is available for resident use, you may wish to wait an additional couple of days to allow for any debris that remains in the system to be flushed out.  This may reduce the impact on your individual system sprinklers.  Don't forget to clean the filters on your sprinklers regularly throughout the irrigation season so that your pressure and coverage is not seriously impacted by any debris that may be in the lines. 

If you notice water staying on for hours or significant flooding in the common areas, please contact Development Services at 208-939-6000 during business hours (M-F, 9-5).  If it is after hours and an emergency the issue may be reported to Franz Witte 208-278-2650.
**TOWNHOMES ONLY - LOFTS AT LAKEMOOR NO 8 HOA:  after hours emergency only irrigation flooding for private yards - calls directed to Franz Witte 208.278-2650.
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