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Irrigation Water 2016
Posted on Mar 24th, 2016

The Water Users Assn. is currently charging and testing the irrigation system.  You may periodically see water running in the common areas over the next couple of weeks however be advised that the water rights do not allow for access until sometime after April 1.  Water will likely be available no later than April 15.  PLEASE DO NOT TURN ON YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM UNTIL NOTIFICATION IS POSTED THAT WATER IS AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS. 

Once the HOA has posted that irrigation water is available for resident use, you may wish to wait an additional couple of days to allow for any debris that remains in the system is able to be flushed out.  This may reduce the impact on your individual system sprinklers.  Don't forget to clean the filters on your sprinklers regularly throughout the irrigation season so that your pressure and coverage is not seriously impacted by any debris that may be in the lines. 

If you notice water staying on for hours or significant flooding in the common areas, please contact Development Services at (208) 939-6000 during business hours (M-F, 9-5).  If it is after hours and an emergency the issue may be reported to Lawn Co. at (208) 869-8005.  Please only report emergency issues to Lawn Co. after-hours
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